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About us

Since it was founded over 15 years ago, the "Vasiliauskas, Page and Co" real estate development company has focused on the construction, sale, and marketing of well-designed, energy efficient, and sustainable residential and commercial properties in Kaunas, Lithuania. Since 2005, the company has built or converted four buildings and sold over 60 apartments and two commercial premises.


Vasiliauskas Šarūnas

Partner, director

Page Andrew


Skirmantas Ražauskas


We operate with:
• Innovation;
• Efficiency;
• Transparency;
• Responsibility;
Adhering to these principles, Vasiliauskas, Page and Co works to benefit our customers and investors.

Innovation allows us to identify undeveloped real estate opportunities. We seek to employ superior technology and design in our building.

Through efficiency, we manage our finances and administrative costs carefully, preserving value for shareholders and customers alike.

Transparency ensures our compliance with all applicable laws, and we respect confidential information as required. Complete adherence to the law ensures that the company, our customers, and our investors are protected.

Responsibility means meeting all regulatory requirements for the materials and engineering in our projects. Our completed projects are exactly as advertised, and the benefits are real and not imaginary. We build properties that hold their value long-term.

Our dedication to upholding our values and principals is what sets Vasiliauskas, Page and Co. apart from other companies engaged in similar activities. These principles are the bedrock on which our company has been built.