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VasiliauskasPage is taking reservations for its 8-floor, 22-apartment apartment called "Zenitas" ("Zenith" in English), which is nearing completion in the center of Kaunas at the address of 11 Spaustuvininkų Street.  The first multi-flat building in the center of Kaunas to receive an A-class energy-efficiency rating, the building is selling well with just over half of apartments reserved. Construction will be completed by the middle of 2016.

In designing Zenitas, VasiliauskasPage used the experience gained in the construction of some of the most energy-efficient homes in Kaunas in the Sanciai and Marvele regions. The new multi-flat building is situated in the center of Lithuania's second-largest city. A few minutes walk bring you to the Zalgiris sports and concert arena, the park on Nemunas Island, and the Akropolis shopping mall. The buidling is also a half block to Laisvas Aleja, the cobblestoned walkway closed to cars and lined with cafes, restaurants, and theaters.

The Zenitas building's exterior walls are constructed from bricks, with a foundation of monolithic reinforced concrete, which gives the building strength, sound installation, and thermal stability with constant comfortable indoor temperature and humidity levels. The walls are insulated with 25-centimeters of  Neopor, the roof with 40 centimeters, and the windows are triple-glazed for thermal retention.

Each apartment is equipped with an autonomous ventilation ductwork system with programmable control. These are  the "lungs" of the building, ensuring clean and fresh air; Hot water and towel dryers are heated from solar panels, reducing  the cost by 60-70 percent for hot water and heat; Each apartment features  an autonomous heating system with individually metered appliances.
With the windows' orientation south, east and west,  spaces are heated by the sun and filled with light. Solar radiation through the windows of the building generates 17,000 kw / h of free heat on the southern exposure. The extreme insulation and high-tech ventilation system has been designed to keep individual heating energy consumption of 20 kWh / sq m per year. For example, a 45 sq m apartment would require  900 kWh per year.

 Zenitas was  designed by a highly sophisticated and qualified team of architects and engineers. Construction was carefully monitored to ensure the quality of experienced contractors and VasiliauskasPage utilized a two-tier system of quality control.

The Zenitas building is set back  from the busy and noisy streets in the center. The northern facade, which has no windows to limit heat loss on the shady side. The southern facade features  many windows facing towards the Nemunas River and with protection from the car noise from King Mindaugas Street.

"Zenitas" stands out for its architecture, which is not only attractive but also environmentally friendly, and developed in accordance with the principles of solar architecture. The building takes maximum advantage of solar energy to lower home energy costs. This sophisticated house was designed by the  architecture and engineering team of "Dviejų grupė", UAB "Ribinis būvis", UAB "Gilius ir Ko." Architect Gintaras Balčytis was the lead designer of the building. The apartments of Zenith offer the most warmth of all housing in Kaunas.


Ref. no. Title Floor Price, m2 Area, m2 Price Status
21 Rytų Zenitas 8 2350 63.30 148 800 Eu Sold



Butui priklauso įrengta 51 kv , ploto terasa bei 8,7 kv m sandėliukas rūsyje, kurio kaina 9100 Eu.

22 Western Zenith 8 2389 Eur 68.20 162 955 Eur Sold



Flat goes with 71 sq m terrace. Price of the flat including terrace- 184 966 Eur

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