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Energy-efficient construction requires proper ventilation!

Doctors say that one person occupying a room needs 14 cubic meters of fresh air or fatigue, headache, bad mood, and diminished mental clarity can result.

Energy-efficient construction requires proper ventilation!
Whether it is heating or air conditioning, or just regular ventilation, doctors have determined that an individual requires 14 cubic meters of fresh air per hour. In other words, one person sleeping in a 14-cubic meter room would need the air to change completely every hour. Two people would require twice the air. A highly-insulated energy-efficient building, such as the ones built by Vasiliauskas Page, pay special attention to the ventilation readings. Residents of our buildings may notice fewer headaches, less fatigue, better mood, diminished allergies, and less-frequent illness thanks to the design and implementation of our extensive ventilation ductwork systems.
This also improves the perception of comfort. In older buildings, where air flows in through cracks in windows and doors, as well as micro-cracks in the exterior and interior walls, there is a feeling that cold air is blowing through the windows and doors as the less dense warm air is invaded by the colder outdoor temperatures.
"Warm" buildings take extensive measures to minimize the uncontrolled flow of cold air into the room. This is achieved by installation of an appropriate construction outside the walls, in addition to sealing the windows and door seams and installing high-efficiency windows. But it doesn't stop there. It is necessary to also introduce an adjustable ventilation system. Such a system will provide the premises as fresh as you need and when you need it. If your home is filled with additional people - more fresh air is required. A ventilation system must be highly adjustable.
During the cooler months of the year, recuperator heat exchangers installed in our properties, it uses the exiting warm air to heat up the incoming cold fresh air. The result is that the ventilated outdoor air comes in warmed up to room temperature. Our carefully tuned recuperative systems work very quietly, with highly efficient fans and precise controls to ensure low power consumption.
The ventilation ductwork systems we include provide the necessary room temperature and fresh air volume, helping to protect against colds and allergies, as well as contributing to the restorative sleep that helps you to wake up feeling renewed and ready for your day.